Three Bowls Cafe is a secret temple of delicious food and warm hospitality ... and is unlike anything to be found elsewhere in Brisbane.
A wonderful space in the care of wonderful people. Coffee to inspire the muse, food to feed the soul, ambiance to soothe the mortal coil.
Patrick Farrelly
Beautiful ambience, warm nourishing food...A soul gift.

Every day we cook up fresh delicious food and we invite you to partake of it.

Each meal at our café is served in three bowls — based on the Zen Buddhist tradition of mindful eating, which incorporates the concept of joyful giving and receiving, and the interdependence of all beings in creating happiness for each other.

In this tradition, the three bowls are also symbolic. The first bowl banishes negativity, the second bowl attracts positivity and the third bowl represents the freeing of all beings.

Three Bowls Café will also provide a community hub, a place where you can just drop in for a coffee and a chat. Your hosts Mo and Lynne look forward to welcoming you soon.

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